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Reagan is a Civitan Emerging Scholar

Reagan Pennock received a UAB Civitan Emerging Scholars Award for his work to study the localization of glutamate receptors that are activated extrasynaptically. Congratulations!

2020 October
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Shreya is off to California

Shreya Malthora, a 2020 graduate of the UAB Neuroscience honors program is off to Stanford to pursue her MD/PhD. We all wish Shreya the best of luck in this new chapter.

She is also finishing up the writing for her manuscript detailing glutamate spillover
...stay tuned!

2020 August
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Linda named Reviewing Editor for eLife

Linda has been named a Reviewing Editor for eLife. eLife is an open-access journal that allows a transparent review process and immediate online access to published results.

2020 January
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JC is an AES Fellow

Jose Carlos Gonzalez receives a 2019 American Epilepsy Society (AES) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship for his project titled Circadian Control of Seizure Activity by Dentate Gyrus Excitability.

The mentored fellowship awards up to $50,000 for stipend and travel support, along with one year of AES membership. Read more here.

2019 December
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Shreya presents at SfN

Shreya Malthora, a UAB Neuroscience honors undergraduate student presented her work on how the expression of glutamate transporters limit spillover to neighboring interneurons. Congratulations to Shreya and co-authors, Jada Vaden and Gokul Banumurthy, for bringing spillover into the light!

2019 October
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Linda named Reviewing Editor for The Journal of Neuroscience

Linda has been named a Reviewing Editor for The Journal of Neuroscience and will serve a three-year term beginning this month. The Journal of Neuroscience is the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, an international organization of over 40,000 members. Linda previously served two terms as an Associate Editor, from 2010-2016.

2019 July
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Jada is 2015-2016 Whit Mallory Fellow

Jada Vaden receives the Whit Mallory Research Fellow in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Award for her work in Understanding the regulation of synaptic strength in the cerebellum.

Read more here.

2015 November

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